Software Architecture & Consulting

You have the best insight into your business needs, but as your technology partner, we are best equipped to advise on technological decisions supporting them.

Building the foundations

Wrong decisions can be taken when not having sufficient overview, and having profound insight into the ever-changing and constantly multiplying technical possibilities is an even greater challenge.The main difficulty is that many factors play a role: knowledge of the company’s business, domain knowledge, insight in different technologies and understanding of how technology can support business processes. Here is how we can help!

  • Architectural and application quality assessments
  • Architectural concept and design
  • Technology stack selection
  • Second opinion
  • System performance review
  • Development process advice

Consulting Services

We have an extensive group of Solution Architects who specialise in different technologies.Although we constantly grow our industry knowledge, we are convinced that the clients’ own Analysts and Architects have better insight to their needs.As your Technology Partner, we are, however, best equipped to advise on technological decisions supporting them.


The involvement of a Solution Architect starts with an assessment in order to get acquainted with the current situation and to identify potential bottlenecks and improvement points. They speak with various persons in the client’s organization in order to understand the business, functional, technical and process related aspects.

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The Solution Architect will present you the conclusions and improvement suggestions, options to choose from when applicable, relevant pro’s and con’s, a breakdown of the work involved and a cost indication, enabling you to make an educated decision.

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Our Solution Architects can help you execute the planned strategies, either as part of our own dedicated teams, or as an addition to your existing workforce.

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